How it Works

Thank you for your interest in our app, which is based on the idea that when you use cars for going to work every day, to the same place and perhaps at the same time, then it should not be driven with empty seats. We who drive cars know that there is a great cost for driving a car every day to work, but for various reasons we have to. We, who travel collectively or in some other way for getting to our work, know that it can be both time consuming, crowded and inconvenient. By using Res Ihop, we will meet both needs. The drivers of the car receive compensation to cover car maintenance, petrol and other costs.

Passengers will save time in their travel and ensure that you can actually travel to and from work easily by sharing the ride with drivers who are travelling on the same route as of the passenger. Drivers and passengers enter their destinations and times for several days at the same time so they can book recurring rides using few clicks. We make sure that it is connected and that payment is made.

For drivers, you just enter where you are going, when the car is going and what the cost is for passenger to share the ride with you. Passengers make sure to reach at pickup point along the driver's route at the appointed time and can also easily see when the car is reaching at the destination. Passengers are connected with drivers within a radius of 200 meters and dropped off within a radius of 300 meters from the passenger's destination. We book round trips directly and also recurring trips. Feel free to look at our city to city planners to easily travel a little further with others who travel between cities. All passengers and drivers on this app are identified with Bank ID for your safety.

How to use RES IHOP as Passenger

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How to use RES IHOP as Driver

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